Finding Balance Campaign 2018

We have an exciting new challenge for this year’s Finding Balance Campaign in November. We are focusing on building strength for balance and will be asking seniors to try out proven strengthening activities for the month of November.

Stay tuned!

More details and toolkits for seniors group leaders will be out in the fall.



Learn how your dollars can impact the 2018 Finding Balance Campaign.

Find out how you can sign up a group of seniors for the 2018 Finding Balance Challenge!

Motivating seniors to keep active

1 in 3 Albertans over 65 will fall at least once a year. We all know that as we age our balance and strength weakens, but there are simple ways we can slow down the aging process. We all have a role to help keep seniors moving and keep them doing all their favourite activities.

Finding Balance Kick-off One Week Away!

The Finding Balance Provincial Launch will take place at 9am on November 1 at the Don Wheaton Family YMCA! The event will feature guest speakers, snacks and refreshments, seniors’ group classes, information booths and door prizes. Excited to see you all there!

Campaign Countdown

The countdown to this year’s campaign has begun. The Don Wheaton YMCA will be hosting us from 9:00 – 10:30 AM on Wednesday, 01 November. See you there!

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