Get Involved

The Injury Prevention Centre is encouraging community partners to organize events for seniors in their communities in support of the Finding Balance Campaign. For a list of all Finding Balance Campaign events across Alberta, check out our calendar at

Event Ideas

The possibilities are endless, but here are some suggestions to inspire you for this year’s Finding Balance Campaign:

Launch Week to promote general awareness about falls prevention

  • Seniors tea, crib tournament, pop-up coffee shop
  • Movie Screening
  • Theatre events
  • Nutrition clinic
  • Distribute campaign materials to local businesses

Keep Active Week to promote physical activity for all ability levels

  • Hold exercise classes, dance class, curling tournament, bowling tournament, walking groups, balloon tennis, swimming and gardening.
  • Reach out to local fitness organizations.

Check Your Vision Week to promote awareness about vision health

  • partner with an optometrist to do a vision check day for seniors with your facility or group
  • have an optometrist give a talk about the importance of eye health.

Review Your Medications Week to promote awareness about the risk of taking multiple medications, side effects of medications.

  • partner with a local pharmacist for a day to review medications and discard outdated medications (medicine cabinet make-over day).

Download the campaign guide!

Get your copy of Step by Step 2016: A Guide to the Finding Balance Campaign for ideas, tips and more to get you started on this year's campaign!

Steps for success:

  1. What kind of event are you having? Choose how you would like to promote awareness about falls prevention.
  2. Where and when will the event be held? Secure a location and follow up with any additional vendors you may need to include.
  3. How much will this cost? Can you get sponsors to cover some of the cost? (Sponsorship Sample letter included)
  4. Who will you invite? People can’t come to an event they don’t know about! Put up posters, write about it in newsletters and community calendars.
    • Get active on social Media!
    • Invite the whole family to strengthen Seniors' support networks.
    • Plan your event to coincide with local Seniors' Days.
  5. Invite local media to cover the event (sample media release included)

Tell us about what you're doing! We'd love to give you support


Have your mayor proclaim Falls Prevention Month.

Proclamations, typically issued by the mayor, are a formal recognition of the importance of a community event. They may be read at a council meeting, or at a local event being held, depending on the mayor’s schedule.

Every municipality has a different process for requesting proclamations. Check your municipality’s website or phone your mayor’s office to find out how! You can use the sample letter included in this guide for all the information you will need to make the request.

Become a Sponsor

The Finding Balance campaign has grown to empower more than 900 seniors to participate in last year’s Keep Active challenge. The campaign’s brochures and other print materials reached more than 65,000 Albertans. This year, Finding Balance will continue to support seniors to prevent falls and resulting injuries from falls, with a focus on vision, medication check-ups, and active lifestyles.

You can directly impact our ability to communicate important falls prevention information with seniors and practitioners across Alberta. Here are some examples of how far your dollars can reach:

  • $5,000 allows distribution of campaign materials to pharmacies across the province
  • $7,000 allows the purchase of digital advertising, reaching seniors in medical clinics, hospitals and waiting rooms, labs, and emergency departments across Alberta.

Your benefits from sponsoring Finding Balance include:

  • Opportunities to reach seniors through province-wide distribution of campaign materials.
  • Connecting to the Finding Balance network of practitioners and advocates for falls prevention.
  • Recognition for supporting a cause that affects everyone.

We have developed a sponsorship recognition program. If you do not see something that would fit your needs, we can consider customizing the details.