Activity Programs

Take a look at these other activity and movement programs for ways to be active.

Program: Make Movement Your Mission

These live online movement sessions help people change their movement patterns throughout the day.

The three times per day, 10-minute live Facebook Make Movement your Mission segments can be found here (free to download and print). The Facebook site is here (or search for Make Movement Your Mission) and for those who can't join live or are not on Facebook - they can be viewed afterwards on YouTube.

Program: Later Life Training 'I Can' Calendar

This calendar is designed to help you keep your appointments whilst actively improving your strength, balance, mobility and movement habits along the way. Each month there are one or two movements that will help improve your strength and balance over the next year. To help track your improvements kick off with two simple challenges. It’s important for your motivation that you can feel and measure improvement. View and download the calendar.

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"The point is that a home is much more than bricks. It’s the people and the surroundings. With just a little help and a few adaptations, I could be back in my own home and mostly independent again".

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