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Thank you for your interest in the Finding Balance Campaign 2018 Be Active Challenge Kit! This kit can be used to support Alberta seniors in reducing their chance of having a fall by improving their strength and balance.

As a group leader, you will:

  1. Register your group to participate by submitting this form.
  2. Receive a tool kit from IPC.
  3. Track the minutes of activity and the number of days participants engage in strength and in balance activities (Tracking sheet included in the kit).
  4. At the beginning AND end of November, ask your participants their perceived level of strength and level of balance.(Tally form and survey questions included in the kit)
  5. Submit all results (total minutes of activity, number of days of strength and balance activities and the survey results) to IPC through a link on the Finding Balance website.

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You can also download all the Finding Balance campaign resources from the catalogue.

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