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Finding Balance 2023 Webinar Series

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Date: 21 November, 2023
Time: 9:00 am - 10:00 am (MST)

Join us for Malnutrition and Falls: A Community Approach to Prevention. This webinar will cover the following:

  • Understand what malnutrition is and how it relates to falls in older adults
  • Discuss a case study that describes an actual client in the community who has fallen
  • Gain knowledge about nutrition risk screening in the community
  • Learn about a successful nutrition screening initiative at an Alberta seniors' resource centre
  • Become aware of resources related to nutrition screening, malnutrition, and older adult nutrition for your community


Speaker Bios:

Jennifer Sundberg, Registered Dietician, Alberta Health Services

Jennifer Sundberg has been practising as a Registered Dietitian for 30 years (although it feels like a lot less!). She has worked in various areas, including acute care, long term care, home care / supportive living, and public health. Her most recent roles in nutrition have a focus on older adults.

In her spare time, she likes to walk her dog, cycle leisurely, listen to old time radio shows, and spend time with her family.


Terri Anderson, Golden Circle Senior Resource Centre

Terri Anderson is the Senior Outreach Coordinator and Elder Abuse Prevention Coordinator at the Golden Circle Senior Resource Centre in Red Deer, Alberta. Terri has been working at the Golden Circle Senior Resource Centre for 2.5 years. Terri has spent her career in the non-profit sector in the Community of Red Deer in various roles assisting vulnerable adults. Terri has 2 young children and enjoys spending time with her family.

Date: 6 June, 2023
Time: 9:00 am - 10:030 am (MST)

Have you noticed that daily activities seem harder than they used to feel? Have you noticed that since your most recent birthday you have seemed to be more off balance or have even had a fall? Have you heard that physiotherapy can help but you are not actually sure what that means? Join us on June 6th with Physiotherapist Laura Kean from Edmonton Neurophysio, as we take a deep dive into the changes that occur with aging and why getting to know your local physiotherapist can help keep you upright and moving with confidence for life. We will cover the following:

  • Physiological changes that occur with aging
  • 1 Rep Max Living - are you living on the edge?
  • How do the above relate to falls prevention?
  • What does physiotherapy for successful aging and fall prevention look like?


Speaker Bio:

Laura Kean, BKIN, MPT

Laura Kean is a physiotherapist who specializes in neurologic, vestibular and geriatric rehabilitation. She is the founder of Edmonton Neurophysio, and is operating out of Westside Children's and Sport Physio. In particular Laura has an interest in balance and fall prevention using a fitness forward and neurophysiology informed approach. She believes that it isn't just about preventing falls but also preparing people for them if they do happen to reduce the severity of impact and prevent injury. Laura is passionate about working with older adults and people with mobility deficits. She is a strong believer that age or disability do NOT have to limit participation or quality of life. As a newly minted Edmontonian she is eager to get to know her new community and help empower them, so they can keep moving for life with confidence.

Date: 31 January, 2023
Time: 9:00 am - 10:30 am (MST)

Join IPC as we host a webinar presented by Prescription to Get Active (RxTGA). RxTGA is an evidence-based, practically engineered solution that enables health care professionals to promote physical activity to their patients in a positive and sustainable manner. Movement is medicine; with unlimited refills, the only side effect is joy!

We have known for decades about an increasingly problematic health crisis – sweeping, chronic sedentary behaviour. In 2021, ParticipACTION identified that Canadians received a grade of 'F' in this area, meaning that we have a long way to go in reducing the hours we spend being sedentary. This issue is negatively impacting our health care system and the quality of life for most Canadians. However, RxTGA is making tremendous strides in helping improve our 'grade-level' by connecting primary care and the fitness and recreation industries.

In this presentation, Jeff Tareta, Executive Director of Prescription to Get Active (RxTGA), and Dr. Erin Pearson, Associate Professor Lakehead University will share with you the innovative service delivery model that has been developed that addresses the issue chain of sedentarism and how you can support this initiative to get more people active more often. We want people to THRIVE, not just survive!

Speaker Bios:

Jeff Tareta

Jeff is the Executive Director of Prescription to Get Active and an experienced senior leader in the health,
recreation, and fitness industries. He has been recognized by the Calgary Coaching Chapter with the Prizm Award for excellence in leadership though the use of a coaching philosophy. Jeff has a degree in Education, with a Major in physical education and is a certified co-active coach. He is passionate about helping to improve the quality of life for others by providing them with the support they need to make meaningful and lasting behavioural change.

Dr. Erin Pearson

Dr. Erin Pearson is an Associate Professor in the School of Kinesiology at Lakehead University and a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach.  Her research program focuses on: 1) community-based health promotion from psychological and behavioural perspectives; and 2) evaluating Co-Active coaching/motivational interviewing as strategies to enhance health and wellness dimensions in at-risk populations. Through “Motivation to  Move,” Dr. Pearson and the research team look forward to learning more about RxTGA and its ability to evoke change.

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