Could a fall change your lifestyle?

Every year, many older adults fall. After a fall, many people are unable to live the way they want. They may lose their independence or live in fear of falling again. Falls are not a natural part of getting older.

Falls can be prevented and Finding Balance can help.


Seniors' Week

10 June, 2021 is Seniors' Week! The Injury Prevention Centre and the Alberta Association of Optometrists will be hosting a free webinar.

Free resources!

Check out the resources available for download.

Be Active

Do activities you enjoy! Remember, you're never too old, or too young, to start.

Check Your Vision

Find out about your eye health and any changes to your vision.

Check Your Medications

Review all your medications, supplements, and vitamins with your doctor or pharmacist.

Falls Prevention Month is coming this November 2021!

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Reduce your risk of falling by moving more, limiting sedentary time and getting a good night’s sleep. Visit the Canadian 24-Hour Movement Guide for Adults 65+ to learn more: #seniorsweek
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