For Caregivers of Older Adults

Are you responsible for the care of an older adult? Caregivers have a unique opportunity to support seniors, and to help them stay active and prevent falls. Explore and share these resources.


Adding Movement to Your At-Home Routine

This resource shows helpful movements to add into your daily life inside the home. This resource was developed in partnership with Parachute Canada.

Tips for Caregivers to Help Seniors Stay Active During the COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond

While spending more time at home, seniors may develop a routine with less daily physical activity. Staying socially connected and adding more movement into the day can help ensure seniors are healthy and ready to add on more activity when the time comes. This resource was developed in partnership with Parachute Canada.

Physical Activity Toolkit for Older Adults

To help older adults sit less and move more, ParticipACTION has developed a Physical Activity Toolkit for Older Adults! The toolkit includes physical activity guidelines, a walking program, a movement log, articles on the role physical activity plays in prevention and management of chronic disease, plus lots of useful resources to help older adults get moving.

Seniors Financial Assistance Programs

Eligible seniors can access a variety of financial and health support programs through the Government of Alberta.

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