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Getting Around in Your Community

As you age, you may walk or rely on public transportation to get around. Being aware of hazards in the community can help you to avoid falling when on the go.

Get a Grip on Slippery Surfaces

  • Avoid wet surfaces such as puddles, snow and ice.
  • Watch out for wet, smooth or shiny floors in public buildings, especially in washrooms.
  • Wear proper footwear: a snug fit with non-slip treads.
  • In the winter use ice grips on your shoes and ice picks on the end of your cane or walker.

When on the Bus or Train

  • Always use handrails and keep your hands free for support.
  • Ask the bus driver to wait until you are seated before driving away.
  • Wait until the bus or train has come to a complete stop before standing up.
  • Sit at the front of the bus when possible.
  • Watch for packages in the aisles.
  • Avoid carrying large parcels or bags that obstruct your vision.
  • When using a mobility aid, choose a bus with a low floor or ramps.

Be Street Smart

  • Take your time to avoid rushing.
  • Watch for uneven surfaces, cracks, obstacles and unmarked curbs.
  • Avoid jaywalking. Use marked crosswalks so that you are visible to drivers.
  • Walk on well-lit sidewalks.
  • Use stairs that have at least one handrail.
  • Use your walking or mobility aids.
  • Sit down and rest when you feel tired.
  • Keep your hands free for balance and to use hand rails.



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