Seniors’ 150 for 150 Challenge (November 1-30)

Let’s celebrate being active and Canada’s 150th anniversary!

WE challenge YOU to 150 minutes of physical activity for each week in November – that’s 30 minutes of being active 5 days a week. Walk, hike, dance, stretch and have some fun with friends or the grand kids. All your favourite activities count towards your goal!

Easily keep track of your progress, and find activities across the country using the Canada 150 passport.

Visit to download the app and get started.

Prescription to Get Active

Let Prescription to Get Active keep you moving during Falls Prevention month.

Although there may not be a medication to prevent falls, there is a prescription that can help you.

Prescription to Get Active is a unique program that provides you with physical activity resources and grants you free access to recreation facilities within your communities.

Physical activity is an essential part to healthy aging.

Along with keeping your heart and lungs fit, physical activity is the key to preventing falls. Improving your balance, strengthening your muscles and preventing fractures by increasing bone density are some of the benefits you can expect from being active.

Interested in getting more physically active? Talk to your doctor and their healthcare team about getting your prescription today.

Visit for a list of participating fitness facilities.


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June 19 is Ageless Motion Day!

Ageless Motion Day helps get and keep seniors engaged in active transportation. Register now to be one of many participants promoting staying active!

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