How can I prevent a fall?


Visit your doctor or healthcare provider at least once a year. If you’ve had a fall, or are afraid that you are at risk for falling, speak to your doctor as soon as possible.

Finding Balance is an education program and public awareness campaign designed to educate and empower older Albertans to stay independent and prevent falls. Seniors can prevent falls by keeping active to improve their strength and balance, reviewing their medications yearly, and by visiting their eye doctor for a yearly eye exam.

What you can do

Most falls can be avoided by taking steps to reduce the risks. Visit the links below to find out what you can do to prevent falls.

Physical activity, strength, and balance
Medications, vitamins, and supplements
Vision and eye health
Getting a good night’s sleep
Eating healthy
Staying hydrated
Shoes and footcare
Getting around in your home
Getting around in your community

Finding Balance
is a seniors' falls prevention initiative developed by the Injury Prevention Centre at the University of Alberta, in partnership with seniors' groups, healthcare organizations, and practitioners across Canada and is administered nationally by provincial stewards.

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