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Stay Independent

November is Falls Prevention Month across Canada, and the Finding Balance Campaign is dedicated to supporting your efforts to reduce seniors’ falls. The overarching theme of the 2017 campaign is “Stay Independent. Prevent Falls.”

Over a period of four weeks, the Finding Balance Campaign will shine a spotlight on each of our three key messages:

Launch Week is all about getting the ball rolling. The Finding Balance Falls Prevention Month will kick-off with a provincial media launch on November 1, 2017 at the Don Wheaton Family YMCA in downtown Edmonton. The provincial media launch event will include presentations, information tables, exercise classes and an opportunity for seniors, families and practitioners to gather and share their stories.

The launch week of the campaign comes with an increase in social media activity, the public distribution of promotional materials across the province, and light-ups of Edmonton’s High Level Bridge, the Calgary Tower and City Hall in Lethbridge. Other events and activities featuring general promotion of falls prevention will occur across the province.

“Keep Active” Week encourages seniors to keep moving to stay healthy and independent. Activities planned around this theme should promote improvement of strength, gait, balance, and overall health.

“Check Your Vision” Week focuses on creating awareness around seniors’ eye health, vision care, and the steps they can take to reduce falls due to changes in their vision. Plan activities to encourage seniors to have their eyes checked by an optometrist or ophthalmologist yearly.

“Review Your Medications” Week encourages seniors to speak with their doctor or pharmacist about all prescribed drugs, over-the counter pills, vitamins and herbal supplements they are taking. Activities planned for this week encourages and facilitates seniors to review all medications with a doctor or pharmacist.


Keep Active

Older adults with muscle weakness are 4-5 times more likely to fall

Review Your Medications

Seniors taking more than 3 – 4 medications are at a higher risk of falls.

Have Your Vision Checked

Older adults with low vision are 2.5 times more likely to fall.

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